Creating Fall Curb Appeal

November 19th, 2018 by Mjmarcinik

Landscaping is a great way to amplify street side beauty, but front porches also play a vital role in expanding curb appeal for a home. When designing or decorating your front porch, here are a few key elements to apply that will pay off immensely when looking to boost the curb appeal of your home.

  • Offer a transition between the landscaped planted beds or shrubs and the porch’s hardscape material. A great example is to utilize planters in windows, and hanging potted annuals to effectively offer a transition between your home and front yard.
  • Establish the front door. Offering an easily identifiable front door is an instant way to improve curb appeal. This includes adding a distinction between the color palette of your door and the house, or using vibrant potted plants and outdoor lighting on either side.
  • Identify a direct connection from the street to your porch. By removing overgrown plants that hide your walkway, and having an easy to navigate path you can make a more defined route to your doorstep. Other ways to help articulate your path is by adding hardscaping, and cleverly placed containers that help direct the traffic to your home.

Whether you have a small porch area big enough for a few pots, or a sizable area that grants space for a table and chairs, there are many innovative ways to create a strategy that works for your home.

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