Tree Trimming In South Texas

We are fast approaching the time of year when everyone starts thinking about tree trimming. Those thoughts often lead to actions that involve digging the rickety ladder out of the shed, finding the spider web covered chainsaw buried under the workbench and heading out to “trim the trees”. But before you find yourself balancing on the top rung of your ladder, praying the wind doesn’t blow, take a few minutes to evaluate the situation and consider bringing a Professional Arborist onsite to tackle the project. 
Here are a few evaluation questions for determining the best course of action for your trees: 
  1. Do you have large branches overhanging critical areas? 
    • If the answer is Yes, determine if the branch has structural weakness where it intersects with the main trunk. If structural integrity is in question, thinning the branch to remove weight or removal may be necessary.
  2. Are the plants under the shade canopy growing vigorously? 
    • If No, selective thinning is likely in order. Allowing filtered sunlight through the canopy will allow the plants below the best chance for proper growth and blooms.
  3. Have your trees been evaluated by an Arborist within the last 2 years? 
We focus our tree trimming efforts on understanding the needs of the trees in South Texas. Our number one priority is Safety when it comes to our teams and your trees. We complete a detailed tree analysis for each tree before any trimming takes place. The “Chop and Drop” method of trimming is not what you will experience with our teams. We utilize the latest climbing, trimming and removal techniques to insure you have a great experience. Our pricing structure is very straightforward, reasonable and professional. Whether you have a small limb that needs to go, or hundreds of trees that require a professional’s touch, our team will see to it that your needs are met. 

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